The first ever algorithmically traded hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency

Distributed value via an automated tokenized portfolio


Hold a shrewdly curated and diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies by owning a single token. OptiToken will be traded on major exchanges.

Algorithmic trading

Exposure to an algorithm that has consistently outpaced Bitcoin trading 24/7. Developed by crunching data from the work of professional traders. Allows progressive integration of machine learning.

Buy pressure

In every buy cycle, a portion of the profits created will be used to buy OptiToken on the market thus providing upward price pressure and creating value for holders.

Strategic scarcity

A portion of the tokens bought back will be sent to an unspendable address that can be verified transparently. We are the first project ever to use this strategy to positively affect price through deflation.
* Extended version soon

Trading like a professional, for everyone

Most people have a very hard time profiting when trading cryptocurrencies. This type of trading is highly complicated due to volatility and manipulation. Newcomers regularly lose money, as they are led by emotions and follow passing trends as opposed to buying low and selling high or using more complex trading tools.

OptiToken vs Bitcoin

The trading strategy the algorithm will use is currently outpacing Bitcoin’s growth in Q1 2018 with an initial test investment of 1 BTC in live market.

Our live portfolio

DSH Amount: 0.0786715866 USD: 60.2734493577 BTC: 0.00539049844225 Type: exchange
QSH Amount: 705.788505 USD: 1139.42496247 BTC: 0.10304512173 Type: exchange
NEO Amount: 13.635 USD: 1936.17 BTC: 0.0008279172 Type: margin
IOT Amount: 181.8 USD: 511.98516 BTC: 0.0455409 Type: margin
NEO Amount: 0.065448 USD: 9.293616 BTC: 0.0008279172 Type: exchange
USD Amount: 113.275539859 USD: 113.275539859 BTC: 0.00997277852914 Type: exchange
EOS Amount: 18.18 USD: 187.0722 BTC: 0.0501768 Type: exchange
BTC Amount: 0.0729307062 USD: 818.063731445 BTC: 0.13635 Type: exchange
ETC Amount: 0.0906310269 USD: 2.75554574187 BTC: 0.148408794 Type: exchange
USD Amount: 111.368443405 USD: 111.368443405 BTC: 0.00997277852914 Type: margin
BTC Amount: 0.13635 USD: 1529.43795 BTC: 0.13635 Type: margin
BCH Amount: 0.1338048 USD: 248.28818688 BTC: 0.225465053131 Type: exchange
IOT Amount: 41.6875584636 USD: 117.400502145 BTC: 0.0455409 Type: exchange
ETP Amount: 72.72 USD: 178.425792 BTC: 0.015896592 Type: exchange
ETH Amount: 0.1044634617 USD: 108.464412283 BTC: 0.0096610943284 Type: margin
DAT Amount: 3638.727 USD: 648.0572787 BTC: 0.05803769565 Type: exchange
ETC Amount: 54.54 USD: 1658.23416 BTC: 0.148408794 Type: margin
QTM Amount: 27.1924043967 USD: 1040.46296943 BTC: 0.0932808240424 Type: exchange
OMG Amount: 54.43092 USD: 967.45517208 BTC: 0.086784658848 Type: exchange
DSH Amount: 1.1817 USD: 905.347638 BTC: 0.00539049844225 Type: margin
SPK Amount: 726.6546 USD: 295.988218218 BTC: 0.026355762342 Type: exchange
BCH Amount: 1.363480002 USD: 2530.07349171 BTC: 0.225465053131 Type: margin
EOS Amount: 54.54 USD: 561.2166 BTC: 0.0501768 Type: margin
MNA Amount: 8164.638 USD: 861.369309 BTC: 0.07535960874 Type: exchange
GNT Amount: 226.934939055 USD: 153.861888679 BTC: 0.0136977929213 Type: exchange

Total USD: 16693.7662174 Total BTC: 1.48998004
+ 48.998004%

Last update: 2018-01-16 21:02:50 GMT+1


Q4 - 2017
- Testing trading strategies and gathering data for use in algorithm.

- Initial team assembled: developer, project manager, one quant and legal team.

- Launch of website, initial press release, marketing strategies.

- Launch of social media channels for community building.
Q1/Q2 - 2018
- Start development of algorithm software

- BETA launch on exchange(s) with % of initial funds.

- Further work and optimizing of algorithm and security.

- ALPHA interface launch on exchange(s)
Q3 - 2018
- Purchase tokens phase on exchange(s) for buy pressure of OptiToken with profits. Addition of remaining ITO funds to the portfolio.

- Creation and testing on 2.0 user interfaces.

- Test integration of machine learning.


Sean Donato
Founder and CEO
Professional trader since 2013.
Founder of Bitcoin Trading Lab.

John DeGiacomi
Business Manager & Asset Pricing
BA in Finance Cal State Northridge

Sebastian Richard
Senior Software Engineer
Full-Stack Developer


Why not just trade using my own strategy?
OptiToken is designed to give holders exposure to 24/7 professional algorithmic trading, offering access to skills that take years to learn through holding a token. However, we encourage people to do so. Try it out, keep an eye on OPTI and if you like our progress then join the community!

What is the formula used for trading?
OptiToken uses a constantly occurring gain percentage amount to signal a sell into any token(s) in the basket that meets a criteria of being “oversold.” This too is based off of recurring downward price patterns that are identified and adjusted as the market evolved and adapts. If no buy criteria is met and 2 or more sell signals occur for any token, then a portion is sold into a stable intermediary, which for now is the Euro, to ride out volatility or to hold the value constant until the next buy signal appears. If certain conditions are met than conservative leveraged trades may, or may not, execute on certain tokens in certain situations to further protect or benefit the OptiToken portfolio.

What type of returns has the OptiToken testnet achieved to date?
Since its creation the OptiToken test portfolio has consistently outpaced Bitcoin, the benchmark in the cryptocurrency world. Since November 16th BTC is up 249% while OPTI is up 291%.

How can I buy OPTI tokens?
The ICO will begin in Q2 2018. To get tokens at a discounted rate you can register via email at OptiToken.io for the pre-sale.

What is the advantage of buying from the ICO?
The ICO will offer a chance to secure the cryptocurrency at what is potentially the lowest rate possible.

Is OptiToken an index fund?
No. It is a cryptocurrency with a goal of hyper-deflation and maximum price appreciation. An “index fund” is an investment fund that trades in a manner to replicate an index such as the S&P 500.

Where is OptiToken headquartered?
It is currently in the process of incorporation in the Cayman Islands.

Why use the ERC20 standard?
We are long term believers in the Ethereum project and its scalability roadmap. Smart contracting allows for automation, trustless delegation and ease of general movements of funds throughout the OptiToken ecosystem protocol. It will also allow entrance into decentralized exchanges.

How will the project be audited?
The roadmap includes executing an annual audit, and will carry out others in between if needed. Transactions within the OptiToken protocol will be visible on Ethereum block explorers. Transparency is a main concern and will be explained in detail in the white paper.

What are OptiToken’s reporting requirements?
Quarterly and annual.

Will it be tradeable?
Yes. OptiToken will be available on popular exchanges. We have already secured a deal with TradeQwik, and are currently negotiating further exchanges to list on. The token will also be listed on any open decentralized exchanges available, such as EtherDelta.

How will tokens be distributed?
Through an ERC20 smart-contract after the token sale and creation event.